Moody Beach Bridal Shoot

Wow! I’m so sorry it’s been awhile since I have shared a blog post + this one is way overdue!

Here it guys asked for more behind the scene details. So, I will start blogging more of my creative + styled shoots.  I don’t want to JUST share all the amazing images; I want to share the fun + struggles that come with each of these shoots, and hopefully give you more insight to what goes on behind the scenes. Because I know that I “ooo + ahh” at pictures I see on Instagram, it’s easy to forget a lot of time + energy goes into the ones that make us stop! So please feel free to drop questions that might be of interest to you below so I can make sure to include more in my post!


I met Rashelle just a couple of months ago at a girl’s night + we talked about photography + modeling + etc...One thing led to another and we were walking out planning a styled bridal shoot out by Lake Michigan. Literally, that is how it all started. I really enjoyed working with Rashelle because this time I had a little more involvement in the styling process + bringing some pieces together which isn’t always the case when you are the model.

Now, things were last minute, so I wasn’t sure how much was actually going to come together, but I spoke with Spring Sweet and sent her over a picture of a dress we liked. She responded right away about letting us borrow a dress AND she did an amazing job matching the style.

um...but this is real modeling life. Posing with someone you just met and staring into their eyes. It was so hard trying to be serious in this moment! so I would take second laugh then gain composure.

um...but this is real modeling life. Posing with someone you just met and staring into their eyes. It was so hard trying to be serious in this moment! so I would take second laugh then gain composure.


bridal gown side note: if a bridal company lets you borrow or rent a dress from their showroom, most likely it may not come in the size you want which means you will be dealing with moving clips all night during the shoot. So as much as I LOVED the dress I am wearing in these images, it was a bit of a struggle that my dress was a size 6 which was huge on me. We made it work the best we could, but with lots of patience + with moving clips around throughout the evening. 

There are a couple of ways to find a male model (ask a friend, request a model from a local agency or put out a model call) I just thought with the limited time I would do a model call. So, I put it out on my Instagram story + received many inquiries, so we chose one that best compliments the style of our shoot, which was Gonzalo in this case.


Rashelle chose Holland State Park for our location, at first glance it wouldn’t look like the most glamorous place to shoot; it’s very flat, quite crowded, and random obstacles like basketball courts, bathroom stalls, cars you have to take into consideration when shooting. But the night of our shoot it wasn’t overly crowded + we were able to find just enough variety in our surroundings to make it feel like we weren’t even in Michigan. I honestly give a lot of credit to Rashelle who used what she had to create variety of stunning looks with this constricting location. She killed it!!!


The floral bouquet was absolutely GORGEOUS, but was hand designed + arranged by Rashelle at Eastern Florals. I say that because the original plan was to have one made for us by a local florist, but it fell through. So a bit of money was invested in this lovely bouquet that came as unexpected cost to our evening. But I have to say, she did an incredible job with just a few minutes to put it together.

Lastly, the jewelry were pieces sent to Rashelle by @rockawaygypsea.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this!  Please feel free to ask any questions you have. I would love to answer them below and hopefully include them in future posts!