Sandy Point Beach House

eat. sleep. repeat

Anyone else dream of being a travelling food blogger? Hopping from city to city and country to country, trying the best restaurants those stunning places have to offer?

Trying new places + exquisite foods are for sure one of my favorite pass-times…

Today I want to bring your attention to Sandy Point Beach House, a beautiful restaurant out on the lakeshore just about 35mi outside of Grand Rapids. A of couple weeks ago I had the privilege of venturing out there with some of my favorite humans. I sat enamored by the incredible balance of the sophistication + charm of this place. One of the many great features to this restaurant is that it’s designed to accommodate several different special occasions. Whether you are wanting to sweep your special someone off their feet or need a location for an important client meeting, their fine-dining section is stunning; however, right around the corner you will find something a little more casual, there is an area filled with many windows paired with a simple table setting. Here, they have the ability to open up a couple garage doors + let that warm summer breeze come through. In the summer you are treated to their trendy outdoor veranda streamed up with twinkle lights and a shipping container bar.

We started the evening with a couple small plates of what tasted like a delicious take on a capresé salad. Not entirely sure but it was incredible!


The struggle was real when trying to select an entrée. We sat for at least 15-20 minutes debating who was getting what and if we were willing to share at least a bite with each other. Scroll down to see what we decided on.

Classic Burger with Fries


Shrimp and Grits


Pan Sear Scallops 


Now this was not actually what I ordered, but probably the best server mistake. To be honest, scallops are never my first choice for a meal, but in this situation, they looked absolutely too delicate + delicious to say anything.


We then ended the evening with a decadent vanilla crème brulée cheesecake garnished with the perfect touch of a strawberry drizzle. Every creamy, smooth + devine bite left me wanting more.


I know this place isn’t within walking distance like everything in Easttown, Grand Rapids but The Sandy Point Beach House is definitely worth the drive, especially if you are already spending the afternoon in Grand Haven or Holland.


Make sure to find them on Instagram (@spbhm) to get all the details on their featured specials.  For example, last week they did a reservation-only five-course cocktail dinner, each course paired with a unique New Holland craft cocktail, and the month before, they did a four-course dinner with feature drinks with Don Julio. You definitely don’t want to miss out on some upcoming social events out on their veranda either! So whether you are looking for romance or trendy you will find it here at Sandy Point Beach House. Cheers to a great summer!

xx - ray

ALSO, a huge thank you to dear friends Emily DeKoster (@emilydekoster) + Chase Loreto (@chaseloreto) who took all these stunning images! They will never stop impressing me with incredible talent!



Saturday & Sunday  8am-3pm


Mon-Fri 11am-4pm


Sun-Mon 4-8pm

Tue-Thu 4-9pm

Fri-Sat 4-10pm



7175 Lakeshore Drive
West Olive, MI 49460