"mommin' ain't easy...might as well do it in style!"
-the Kierra Quinn

I have slowly walked back into photography again + taking baby steps in growing my confidence in showing my artwork. And what I have learned in the last couple months is that I LOVE taking pictures for fashion bloggers because its allows a sense of creativity within taking portraits but not the high stress that comes with weddings.

Kherington is the real deal, ya'll. She is a wife, a mom, runs her own amazing consulting business (check it out here), and is the fashion contributor for GRnow. This #bosslady is going places.

Back in April she had shared with me her idea of featuring a new look with either a dress or skirt everyday in June for a grand total 30 stylish summer outfits. I was so excited just hearing about her idea, but then when she asked if I would be willing to take pictures of a couple of her outfits I couldn't have been more thrilled. it was an automatic "yes" in my brain. It was so hard waiting to share these photos with you because she is a freaking HOT MODEL + killed it with every photo! Side note: it rained pretty good on the evening we did her shoot, but she just kept doing her thing + the worry of the rain faded as we began shooting.

Head on over to her blog www.thekierraquinn.com to check out all 26 looks she has already posted and grab the last 4 to come!



This next outfit is KILLER!

From the platform heals to the black peek-a-boo mesh. She nailed it! go find out more about this LOOK on her blog. Is this a dress or a skirt?


much love xx - ray