Meet Zoe Lee

Art is interesting because there can be so many different perspectives in a piece of art. The way I see it may be completely different than the way somebody else sees it. It's interesting to hear what somebody sees in a piece of art compared to somebody else. It could be completely different, and that's interesting to me. - Joakim Noah

Meet Zoe Lee! YouTuber, DIYer, and Fashion Enthusiast! She is always designing + creating new styles. Some may say she is styling in the past but what you don't know is that she is ahead of the game. She says that a lot of her inspiration comes from 90s fashion or she will see a current trend + try to recreate it with thrift finds. One of her absolute favorite s influencers is a YouTuber, iamkareno (<--um yea. totally awesome YouTube Channel) Her insta-stories are full of fun places she hits up here in Grand Rapids, thrift-hauls, and DIY projects she is working on.

I became "insta-friends" with her a little less than a year ago. I'm not even sure how I came across her feed, but I was drawn to her confidence, which was exhibited in every photo she posted. Then a month ago, I bumped into her at Madcap Coffee, a local coffee shop here in town. I quickly introduced myself, because I have learned when you see someone from instagram IRL to say "hi! I follow you in instagram. I admire your work". There is no shame + you make a friend in the process. So when she reached out about working with her to take photos for an upcoming magazine spread with Art Concept Mag I jumped at the opportunity.

Here are some of my favorite pics from our shoot! Enjoy!



You can also find her on instagram @aboutzoelee

Also, I had such a great experience at Pal's Diner! The waitress that was there was so friendly. And I have to say, I was a little nervous trying to do a shoot in a restaurant, but when I got there to scope out the location I quickly asked permission. She said, "yes, as long as I'm careful to not disturb the customers."  I think that it is always important to purchase something in any establishment you are shooting in. common courtesy, right? 

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