Rower's Club

Rower's Club is Officially Open!

We have a new coffeeshop in town + I'm so happy to say its on the WESTSIDE. If you know anything about this part of town you know that there have been many great businesses that have opened up in the last year, Knickerbocker, Butcher's Union, and Black Heron are just a few to name. When I found out that Rowster'swere opening a new location just down the road from me I may have screamed.  They have become one of my favorite spots to grab coffee, meet up with a friend, or get some work done for the last couple years.

I was able to catch up with Stephen Curtis, the owner of Rower's Club, last week to hear his thoughts on the new location. Here is what he had to say:

1.    You have been fairly successful already at Rowster Coffee, what inspired you to go another direction in name and aesthetics? When we started on this project we had a little bit of a different idea. We liked the idea that people could have 'their spot, without it being one of many.  Grand Valley being close, with a rowing team, and also being close to the Grand River where regattas are held, we thought it could be fun to explore the rowing side of Rowster. 

2.    What has been your favorite part of developing Rower’s Club? It's always fun to think through a place, where it is, and how people will interact with the space.

3. I came out to the Preview Reception + several times since being open and I have to say that table, it’s an amazing statement piece. Can you tell us how that all came about? Kurt Stauffer, the Founder of Rowster Coffee, was a dock porter on Mackinac Island for summers while attending GVSU. He has kept up with a dock porter alumni group and someone there let him know the Mackinac Bridge Authority had removed large sections of the grating as part of a maintenance schedule, and were auctioning them off. We asked our designers (StudioWise) who were handling the build out if they could tackle turning the (2, 2000lb each) pieces into something awesome. They did a great job!

4. If someone has never experienced Rowster’s before what would you want them know about your products?  Quality is such a huge part of what we do - but ultimately it comes down to people having a good experience, and that is the reason for quality to exist. 

5. What other shops or restaurants carry Rowster’s coffee? There are various places that appreciate what we have to offer. Notably would be the joint venture we opened in Eastown, called That Early Bird

6. What has been the most rewarding owning your own coffee shops? There are many things! I am thrilled we get to share some really great coffee with a lot of people. It is also really great to work with the team and work to help them develop and grow. People are what it's all about; Those drinking coffee and those making it.

7. Will we see any familiar faces from Rowster’s at the new location?  There are a couple of staff members that are doing dual coverage for both shops, but we mostly have a new crew here at Rower's Club.

Take a look at the beautiful details put into this store. It was designed with Studio Wise to have a stunning nautical theme which is carried out in all the little details from light fixers to the community table. The aesthetically pleasing decor and crisp lines is a feast for your eyes. I absolutely love that this is location has SO much natural light maybe that's because I'm a photographer and I'm always looking for the best possible light. But anymore, many of us like going into a places we can photograph or instagram. This place is perfect for that!

I hope you get hit up this place soon!

You won't regret it!



Twitter: @rowstercoffee


Location Address: 616 Fulton W, Grand Rapids, MI 40504