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New Year Resolutions

Ray Anne BarkerComment
New Year Resolutions


CHEERS TO THE NEW YEAR! In all honesty, my title should be New Year Setting Goals because I have never been someone to create new year resolutions. I always think “what’s the point?” Why would I create a list to fail at it? Why would I make a list of high expectations that will only make me feel inadequate + that I’m not doing a good enough job. But what I have come to realize this year is that I’m not going to improve by not trying to improve. It’s like setting weekly/monthly goals, but with the push for a more long-term change. I always get super frustrated with myself when I fail my own goals, but I have learned this year to not view things as either “failing” or “succeeding” but as growing. I may not hit the mark I set for myself, but I will definitely move forward. That should ultimately be my goal; to not stay stagnant.  

Below I list my 35 new year resolutions, some are more specific where as some are simple overall attitude changes. But all of them are areas in my life that I need to grow + improve! 

new year resolutions


  • pray + read bible more

  • keep house clean

  • help those in need more

  • be more gracious to my family

  • be more optimistic + positive

  • print more pictures

  • make travel plans

  • start a recipe journal


  • eat more veggies
  • exercise a couple times a week
  • limit sugar in-take
  • remove dairy/gluten out of diet
  • cook more than eating out
  • find a doctor + schedule several appts
  • drink 2-3 litres of water per day + keep track in an app


  • put more in savings
  • create a realistic budget
  • limit eating out
  • pay bills on time


  • call family more often
  • remember birthdays
  • text people when I think of them
  • build stronger relationships with
    the people in my inner circle


  • be more open to criticism
  • start a gratitude journal
  • spend more time hiking + in nature
  • read more books
  • pay more attention to what I’m purchasing
  • don’t encourage toxic relationship


  • write a business plan
  • start content planning for my blog
  • spend an hour a day (at least) educating myself
  • take a photography workshop
  • be proud of my growth
  • always choose #communityovercompetition

Thank you to my lovely friend Chloee for taking beautiful pictures of me! 


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