Warehouse Bridal Styled Shoot

"creativity takes bravery" -henry matisse

A little over a week ago I met Alyssa Zuiderveen for the first time to swap stories over coffee. Little did I know that God was placing a needed friend in my life to talk about faith + photography. We talked about our childhood, our creative struggles, and desire to digger deeper in the word. That same morning she invited me to a styled shoot she was organizing for the coming Sunday afternoon. She needed to take a couple product shots and then one thing led to another.

Now, I am not a wedding photographer, but I’m always looking for opportunities to grow + practice my art in photography. For me, this styled shoot was simply a time to have fun, experiment, and work on my craftsmanship. I'm so thankful for experiences like these because they boost my confidence + give me images for my portfolio. But like I said, I don’t do weddings so sharing them on my Instagram seems kind of silly. I don’t want to promote something I don’t do.  So I thought I would share some moments I captured on here for you to enjoy! The beautiful couple below have been married for 14 amazing years + have 3 gorgeous babes. I loved watching Lyndsay + Henry interact because it was evident that their love for each other runs deep. Capturing their love was unlike anything I have done before, but it was exhilarating + incredibly fun. Also, I'm obsessed with floral arrangements made by Blooming Vines, I may have taken a lot of pictures of her flowers. I simply took a lot of pictures and I wasn't sure how to scale down. How do wedding photographers do that? 

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom to find more information on all the vendors + collaborators.

warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
bridal floral bouquet
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot

GR Studio Space, Studio 3 @grstudiospace


Lyndsay Holmes & Henry Holmes // Bride & Groom
Insta: @_lyndsayjo_

Jules Guagenti // Bridesmaid
Insta: @julesgyoga

Shelle Radcliffe // Bridesmaid
Insta: @shelleradcliffe


Hair & Makeup: Rebel Femme

Brittany Carpenter
Insta: @rebelfemmeshop // Facebook: @rebelfemmeshop

Jewelry & Accessories

Peyton and Forge
Insta: @peytonandforge // Facebook: @peytonandforge // www.etsy.com/shop/PeytonandForge

Lemon & Ivy
Insta: @lemonsandivy // Facebook: @lemonsandivy // www.etsy.com/shop/lemonsandivy

Florist: Blossoming Vines
Insta: @blossomingvines // Facebook: @blossomingvinesstudio

Other Photographers who participated:

Aly May Photo // Alyssa Zuiderveen

Hello@alymay.com // Insta: @aly_cat // Facebook: @alymayphoto // www.alymay.com

Paint My Mind Photography // Brittany Carpenter
Insta: @paintmymindphotography // Facebook: @paintmymindphotography

Christina Leskovar Photography, LLC // Christina Leskovar
Insta: @christinaleskovarphotography // Facebook: @christinaleskovarphotography  // www.christinaleskovarphotography.com


thanks everyone! please feel free to share your feedback below as always!

and HUGE thank you to this beautiful lady for organizing such a fun event - can't wait for the next one!

warehouse bridal styled shoot
warehouse bridal styled shoot

xx -ray