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Take the Time

Ray Anne Barker1 Comment
Take the Time

Every life has an intricate story that makes them who they are + do what they do. We tend to judge them on their actions without knowing what has led to them. And in the Christian world we judge even more because there is a “standard”, we are supposed to live up to and if we aren’t something is wrong. This is what I’m currently working through + equally guilty of at times - judging other’s lives based on these slivers we see in an insta-moment.


We are looking into each other’s lives by watching stories + scrolling through peoples’ feed. Some read captions + some don’t. some write comments + some don’t. As someone who posts on instagram regularly I want you to know that some times I post a quote, sometimes I write the real raw + messy parts of my life, and sometimes I write creatively based on what my picture might speak to me (completely not relevant to my life at all).

What is wrong is that we aren’t willing to go deep with people + find out their story. If we keep everything at the surface, then we can keep judging others without looking at the heart of who they are. Most times we are assuming that their motives are the same as ours. NOT usually the case. But you can’t know their motive until you connect with them + understand what’s going on in their life.


Anyways, I wrote this piece below in a moment of feeling misunderstood. And I just want to invite you all to get to know me. I am passionate about people + hearing their heart + stories. I desire to connect + let others feel heard in a world where truth is covered up with unicorns + rainbows. I hope to be a bridge builder for those who are misunderstood + be able to create a community where being honest + raw is celebrated. To be able to uplift + encourage each other in truth.

Take the Time

you keep judging what little you see
but you don't even know me.
take the time + maybe hear my story.
God has done some crazy things to restore me,
to heal me,
I swear He has been working overtime to refine me.
maybe next time you should ask me about my testimony.
Cause it's taken a long time to find my identity,
to build integrity
but man I feel free from the grip the world has had on me.
I've lived in some dark days + the light was too far to see.
a time where depression + anxiety got the best of me.
all I wanted to do was flee the world around me.
but God bought me to my knee at sixteen.
reminded me He created this beauty not the enemy.
showed me all my possibilities.
that He took up my cross so I could live free for eternity.
so excuse me,
but people are hungry for community.
everyone has a story
whatever it may be.
It just happens that we meet for coffee or tea.
but then you ask about all my selfies?
I do it because I NOW believe God created me beautifully.
this stretch mark covered body gave me children successfully.
so you can hate me,
but I just want to live joyfully
expressing myself unapologetically through photography.
I’m not saying I do things perfectly.
But ask me about what you see
don’t judge me quietly.
Because honestly,
I just want to give God all the Glory.


A big thank you for my amazing cousin Sarah for snapping these pictures in our impromptu afternoon hangs. I love this girl SOOOO much! I mentioned her in my first blog post as being the one person who makes me laugh the most. I swear every freakin time she makes me cry. 

Shirt- Frances Jaye
Jeans - Abercrombie + Fitch (on sale for $35)