Ray Anne Barker
Ray Anne Barker
model + artist

About ME


Hi. I'm Ray! I am currently on a journey of motherhood looking to connect and inspire other women + people around me. I live here in Grand Rapids, Michigan surrounded by lots of art, beauty, delicious food, + amazing people. I am a wife + mama to 4 crazy rascals who keep me busy but help me grow creatively through their young spirits. I enjoy coffee all day every day, making our home an inviting space for all, and caring for my babes. I dabble in a little bit of everything because it makes life fun + I love to learn. My heart is for women; showing that it is good to be real + raw with one another, that is life is messy but in it incredibly beautiful. I'm daily learning to not sweat the little stuff (very hard for me) + hold onto what is good + true. Imperfect follower of Jesus, seeking his face + basking in his amazing grace + love He gifts us.

I hope to inspire you to get out + try something new!